Michael Jordan tried to win Kennedy, the MTV VJ, in 1995.  This is according The Kennedy Chronicles, a memoir written by Kennedy.

Kennedy, who is best known as the host of Alternative Nation, writes that she was having dinner in New York City with Jordan and Russell Simmons when the basketball star wanted to play dice.  According to text obtained by TMZ, Jordan said, ""If I win, you come back to my hotel room with me tonight."  

Kennedy says she was a virgin at the time.  She adds that Jordan would, "eviscerate me from the inside out," so she asked for tickets to see the Knicks.

Jordan apparently reminded Kennedy that he was married and offered tickets to the Nets.

The book also apparently includes stories from other high profile MTV figures and musicians.  There are stories about wrestling with Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor, making out in a coffin with Jane's Addiction's Dave Navarro, dodging Courtney Love, serving as the "muse" for the Goo Goo Dolls' hit Name, and a lot more.

Michael Jordan currently is the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats.  He recently married his second wife.

Kennedy hosts a morning show on a Los Angeles radio station.  This is her reference to the Sausage King of Chicago.