Our long national nightmare is over.

Former Three Days Grace front-man Adam Gontier has stopped his feud with DZL.  Previously, Adam "challenged" DZL to an interview.  DZL tried to set one up and we never heard back from Adam.  Shocking because Adam has never backed out of anything before.

(Here's a quick catch-up if you're confused.  So, Adam Gontier left Three Days Grace.  In an interview, he said that the fact the was replaced so quickly was proof that Three Days Grace was only in it for the money.  DZL went on air and ripped Adam basically saying that Adam left the band high and dry and had to fulfill commitments.  Adam took exception to comment and tweets DZL.  DZL discussed this with Three Days Grace at Carolina Rebellion.  That led to lengthy rants and the interview challenge from Adam.  DZL agreed to the interview in this blog.  Now, you're caught up.)

This is what Adam said on his Facebook page:

"Hey guys! How's everyone doing? I hope you are ALL happy, healthy and enjoying life! Just a quick post to let you know that I have decided to stop the "advertising campaign" that I started a few days ago for a particular DJ, that I started a few days ago. BUT not the station. Charlotte's 106.5 has always been incredibly supportive, and I am still very grateful for that. No matter what the outcome is, or will be. And as I said, I love Charlotte and I always will. It is like a second home to me. 
I've put way too much energy and concern into a person, who's job is to entertain people with just a voice that people hear. That's the key word. "Entertain". That's ALL most DJ's know. They have to keep people listening to them, and one of the best ways is to "speak your mind", which, for MOST of us, is usually out of the box, so we consider an alternative way to say what we need to say. Certain DJ's can only get the starving need for recognition by attempted shock value. 
I just wanted you all to know that my time will now be focused on my new music, my friends, and the people that support me., rather than people who may be ignorant to who I really am as a person, and cause hurt in return. 
Love to all of you! Something very cool coming up today. (I won't mention a time, lol). You, my friends, are awesome!

We appreciate the love.  We know many people will be interested in seeing an Adam Gontier solo show in Charlotte and we are curious what that will be like.

But, we are still 100 percent behind DZL on this one.  Adam did leave his band high and dry.  They had to replace him quickly.

We are fine with moving on.  But, we figured we ought to address this for anybody who assumed that there would be a DZL/Adam Gontier discussion at some point.

There will be no such discussion.  Adam is backing out.

It is disappointing.  We were looking forward to DZL wiping the floor with Adam.  Gontier's actions are similar to those of a petulant child.  He's still very talented.  But, he is on the wrong side of this argument.


-- Jeffrey Clayton
Online Content Director:  1065 The END