You think you've got a "bad ass" tat? Maybe you have a tattoo you you wish you could remove! This year, we've got one great contest with two categories. One category for your Bad Ass Tat (the one you REALLY LIKE) and the other category for your BAD Tattoo (you know that horrible one of the dolphin on your foot that you want to forget).

Congratulations to Brad who wins our "Bad Ass Tat" (left image below) contest and Katelyn who wins our "Bad Tat" (right image below) contest.

The winner of the Bad Ass Tat will be off to Long Beach California with a guest to attend Ink-N-Iron in June aboard the "Haunted Queen Mary!" For those that have never been, Ink-N-Iron is one of the best and baddest Tattoo Conventions around! Airfare and tickets courtesy of Island Def Jam Records.

The winner of the Bad Tattoo will receive a tattoo removal from Mecklenburg Dermatology and PicoSure. They remove ink using the latest technology delivering ultra-short picosecond laser pulses. This breaks the pigments into very small particles, and your bad tattoo is cleared in 5-6 treatments, rather than 15 or more with other lasers! The PicoSure also treats yellows, greens and blues; colors that other lasers often leave behind (some restrictions may apply).

Contest ends at midnight on Sunday March 16th! Winners announced on the St. Patty's Day Monday, March 17th, during DZL drive home at 5:10pm.

Upload your pics right now and make sure you enter the right category. Tattoo submissions can be of any subject. So, is your tattoo bad ass or just bad?

Category 1:

Category 2:

REMEMBER: You can only register for one category. Listeners who enter twice will be disqualfied. If you do not have the tattoo that is pictured in your submission on your body, you are ineligible to win.

Click here for the official rules.

Check out the Bad ASS Tats below (mouse over the image to see more):

Check out the Bad Tats below (mouse over the image to see more):