Biffy Clyro recently performed at a protest concert that U2 front-man Bono held outside of the G8 summit in Belfast, Ireland.

Biffy's front-man, Simon Neil, says that as he gets older he is becoming, "more aware of the outside world."  Neil tells NME that he's not against writing a protest song in the future, but wants to do it the right way:

"I don't know if I'm quite eloquent enough but I wouldn't rule it out. The songs I write have been mostly personal for years, but as everyone gets older you become more aware and more caring about the outside world and perhaps less inward looking. I think it takes an incredible talent - because music is entertainment, it shouldn't be a lecture."

Biffy Clyro chose a protest song by a band that definitely knew how to write one, Rage Against The Machine.  Check out their acoustic cover of Killing in the Name in the video below.

Bono put on the agit8 concert as a part of his One Campaign.  The goal of the organization is to end extreme poverty around the world.

Just for fun, here's a video of Rage Against the Machine doing in the song in 1994.