Usually, when we get Day of Show information from Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, we get information on when the headliner goes on stage.  We didn't get that for the Dave Matthews Band show.  John Butler Trio goes on at 7:00.  So, we're assuming that Dave goes on earlier than most headliners at Verizon.

Parking lots open at 4:00.  Doors open at 5:30.

Permitted Items Inside the Venue: 
• 1 sealed bottle of water of any size 
• Food in a clear 1 gallon sized plastic bag 
• Lawn chairs with legs no longer than nine inches off the ground 
• Blankets 
• Small retractable umbrellas (may be used from lawn or plazas only) 
• Personal camera (35mm or smaller, no removable lenses) 

Items NOT permitted inside the Venue: 
• Laser pointers 
• pen lights or pointer lights 
• glow wands 
• video recording devices 
• iPads 
• weapons or sharp objects of any kind