David Draiman announced that Disturbed will be on infinite hiatus in 2011.  The band has done nothing together since that announcement.  Draiman has been working with a new band, Device.

Device released their first album on April 9th, 2013 and will perform at Carolina Rebellion.

But, Draiman tells Loudwire that his work with Device does not mean the end of Disturbed.  Draiman explains:

"There is no plan in place but we’ve talked about it. It’s definitely a part of the plan to reconvene. When? No clue – that we have not talked about. Everybody’s really happy doing what they’re doing right now and we’re going to let things sit for a while and stay away from it for a while and go back to it when we feel it’s the right time."

Draiman went on to say the the other members are Disturbed have been very positive about his work with Device.