Kings of Leon just unveiled the first single from their upcoming album, Mechanical Bull.  The song is called Supersoaker.

The entire band seems to be happy to make Supersoaker the album's first single, but it is not always an easy process.  In the band's documentary Talihina Sky, front-man Caleb Followill compared the process of picking out singles to watching a "smut film."

In an interview with BBC Radio 1 Caleb and Nathan Followill discussed the process of picking singles from albums.  "I'm the worst," Caleb admits.  "If they tell me that something's going to be a big song, I say 'don't put it on the record.'"

Nathan says, "Pretty much any song that Caleb hates is guaranteed a smash hit, a Grammy, or a BRIT award."

"I'm the hipster fan," Caleb says.