Muse will turn 20 in 2014.  The trio formed in England in 1994.  They went by "Fixed Penalty" and "Rocket Baby Dolls" before settling on the name "Muse."  Throughout the band's history, the same three members:  Matthew Bellamy; Christopher Wolstenholme; and Dominic Howard, have remained in the band.

Recently on XFM, Howard was asked what the band would do for their big anniversary.  He said:

"It's our 20th anniversary year and I can't believe it – it's February next year or something, so I think we'll definitely do something special for it. Hopefully [we will] do some special shows for it or something. It will be nice to celebrate that and play some little club somewhere and go, 'Jesus Christ, can't believe we're 20 years old as a band!'"

Muse released their first EP in 1998 and their first full length album, Showbiz, in 1999.  Since then, their popularity across the world has steadily risen.  They will perform in Charlotte at the Time Warner Cable Arena on September 3rd.