Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, and Kings of Leon are just a few bands who are partcipating in The Global Citizen Tickets Initiative.

The Global Poverty Project is fighting to end extreme poverty in the world.  Each participating band will donate two tickets to every show they play for the next three years.  Fans can earn points for the chance at a ticket lottery.

You earn points by signing petitions, fundraising, contacting politicians, and sharing information on social media.  You can apply those points to various ticket lotteries for concert tickets.  Kelly Curtis, Pearl Jam's manager, came up with the idea with Hugh Evans of the Global Poverty Project.

The group put together last year's Global Citizens Festival which features the Foo Fighters, Neil Young, and The Black Keys.  That concert raised over $1.3 billion in pledges.

Curtis explains the idea:

"I'm hit up every day for something, whether it's to play or donate a song or give money...I just thought, 'What would accomplish a lot that wouldn't require time or anything – what if everyone gave a show?' You're talking about social activism in a really great way."

Artists from various genres of music are particpating.  Other participating artists include:  Black Sabbath, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Heart, John Mayer, Ke$ha, Portugal. The Man; and Tim McGraw.