Brendan O'Brien first worked on the second Pearl Jam album.  Vs. was released in 1993.  Now, 20 years later, he is still working with the band.  O'Brien talked to Rolling Stone about the making of Pearl Jam's new album, Lightning Bolt.

O'Brien says the band recorded half of the album almost two years ago.  He explains why he thinks Pearl Jam took so long to come back and finish the new record, "Once they finish a record, I think they know they've gotta crank the whole thing up. If they're happy with the record, it sort of means they're going to get the whole thing rolling. I just don't think they were quite ready to do all of that."

Each member of Pearl Jam is a songwriter.  O'Brien says that makes the band unique.  "This is very much a band, as much as any band I've ever worked with. They do have a leader – Eddie is their leader. "

Speaking Eddie Vedder, O'Brien says that the singer has hardly changed at all in 20 years.  "He stills pulls out the same typewriter from the same little brown suitcase he's been using for 20 years."