Rage Against the Machine broke up in 2000, but reunited in 2007.  They spent a few years playing concerts, but did not release new music.  Since a performance at the 2011 LA Rising festival, the band hasn't played together.

Guitarist Tom Morello tells NME that the future of the band is unknown, but the band's music lives on protests around the world.  He explains:

"It is unchanged. All I can say is that the music we created is so vital and contemporary to what is happening today in São Paolo and Istanbul. Those songs are being played over PA systems and sung in the streets wherever people are standing up for their rights. In that regard, the band is alive and well. Whether or not we play any more shows is... unknown."

Morello is referring to recent protests in Brazil regarding the government's decision to spend public money on the upcoming World Cup and Olympic needs instead of other infrastructure issues.  In Turkey, protests are directed at Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan.

Members of Rage Against the Machine mentioned the possibility of a new album while they were playing shows over the last few years, but that talk has stopped.