Shinedown released their debut album, Leave A Whisper, on July 15, 2003.  Singer Brent Smith is reflecting on the past ten years with Loudwire.  Since that album, there have been multiple changes in the band.  But, Smith and drummer Barry Kerch are still there.  The addition of guitarist Zach Myers and bassist Eric Bass were key.  Smith explains:

 “I’ve got to be honest about something here for a minute. One of the biggest milestones, and some people may not like this statement but it’s absolutely 100 percent true, was the fact that me and Barry met Eric Bass and that me and Barry met Zach Myers.  Honestly, had it not been for those two guys, and I mean this, the band would not be where it is today. Those two guys are necessary, let’s just put it that way.”

The band is headlining the Carnival of Madness tour.  They will perform in Charlotte on August 30.