The Lumineers are an overnight success.  Well, actually they formed in 2005 and the members of the band have all been working musicians for 10 to 15 years.  But, their song Ho Hey became a massive success in 2012, so many consider them to be an "overnight" success.

Critics have also called The Lumineers "sell outs."  This does not sit well with singer/guitarist Wesley Schultz.  Speaking to Exclaim, Schultz fired back at critics.  While Ho Hey has been used in various commercials and TV shows, he does not feel like that makes the band a sellout.  Schultz explains:

"I shake my head at people who question me for accepting money for something I've already created.  I really wonder where that comes from. I've worked for 10, maybe 15 years, never getting paid a dime for doing this. The term 'sellout' means to change your art to make money. I created this art; it existed and someone wanted to pay me to place it on a television show or commercial."

Schultz goes on to say, "I know my bands and their albums. I don't imagine Wilco getting in a Volkswagen telling me to buy a new Jetta, but I did hear their music in that commercial. It doesn't mean I think less of them. It means they got paid and they can probably provide for their families based on something they created."