When Three Days Grace and Adam Gontier parted ways, the given reason was a "health issue."

That was clearly a lie.

Adam Gontier did not want to be in Three Days Grace, anymore.  It is that simple.  Since his departure from the band was announced in January, Gontier has posted a few rants on his Facebook and Twitter pages regarding his decision.

(Check out photos from the band's Carolina Rebellion performance)

On Monday night, he posted a particularly lengthy rant on his Facebook page.  Gontier planned on sharing new material with fans, but was unable to do so.  What began as an apology for not sharing new music turned into a vicious rant against Three Days Grace and the demands of the "life of a rockstar."  He repeated various thoughts from earlier posts, specifically about playing music for the love of it.  Gontier explains:

"I don't mean the 'life of a rockstar'., I don't mean the endless amounts demands that you will always get when you are 'successful'., I don't mean the money, the hotel rooms, the parties, the kiss ass DJ's, the gophers that get you toilet paper on your demand, the going to the after party club in a limo and being the one, (you think), everyone is looking at."

Gontier has been performing with a new band and is apparently happy to live outside of the demands of Three Days Grace.

Saturday, at Carolina Rebellion, Three Days Grace said that they are taking the "high road."  It's a phrase they have used before regarding the situation and Gontier takes issue with it.  He rants:

"They /choose to take the high road'..., If you feel a need to tell people again and again that you're taking the 'high road'.., I'm sorry, but truth is, you're already ON the low road. When you feel as though you have to tell, and explain to thousands of people on a daily basis, that you're a good person, chances are... you're not."

My Darkest Days singer Matt Walst, brother of bassist Brad Walst, has filled in as the band's new lead singer.  At Carolina Rebellion, we were told that Matt had contributed to the writing of a few new songs.

But, the band refuses to say that Matt is the official new lead singer of Three Days Grace.

We believe that the three remaining members of Three Days Grace are open to bring Adam back into the band.  If they weren't, they'd make Matt their new lead singer or be actively searching for a full-time replacement.

In his Monday night rant, Gontier says he will not return to Three Days Grace, "If you truly believe that I will return to that band, you haven't really listened to what I've said, and you need to accept what happened, and move forward. Easier said than done... I am constantly working on becoming the best person that I can be, and moving forward and not focusing on the past is hard to do, but also very necessary, when things change."

This still is not over.