2011 is wrapping up and we wanted to showcase some of our best END Sessions this year!  We added a new Camera to the mix, so we've been able to up the production value of these videos, though you probably really don't care.  Regardless, we dig the new tech and here are some of our favorite videos.

Switchfoot - Dark Horses
These guys were so nice when the visited but we were blown away by two tracks that will appear on their new Album "Vice Verses."  The title track and another called "Dark Horses."   It was unexpected in that it rocked acoustically and you could feel the emotion in the room and in the video.  Watch the full END Session HERE.

Saints of Valory
I can be honest in saying that most of the folks in the END Studio had never heard of these guys when they walked in the door.  After this END Session, we couldn't get the footage rendered fast enough for the web!  They've got an infectious sound and their track "Neon Eyes" is sure to get a ton of new fans.  Watch the full END Session HERE.

Adelitas Way
These guys peformed for END Sessions a couple years ago BEFORE we got a second camera.  It was only fitting to include the dual cam shoot for "Scream!"  Watch the full END Session HERE.

Colour Revolt
Colour Revolt is another band that blew everyone away with their interesting vocal harmonies and stripped down sound for "The Cradle."   Watch the full END Session HERE.

Breaking Laces
We typically don't put cover songs on best of list but Breaking Laces performed an incredible cover of Radiohead's Paranoid Android.  We dont' need to tell you how awesome this song is, so just watch it now.  Watch the full END Session HERE.

Neon Trees
Neon Trees brought every one to their acoustic END Session and these songs took on a new sound acoustically.  Check out their latest single "Your Surrender!"  Watch the full END Session HERE.

It's no secret that members of the band Crossfade struggled with drug and substance abuse several years ago.  They've cleaned up, recorded a new record and are ready to take on the world.  Check out the autobiographical track title "Cocaine."  Watch the full END Session HERE.

After getting dropped by their label, HoneyHoney decided to get back on the horse by continuing to tour and perform.  They recorded some new tracks and shared this gem titled "Ohio" with us.  Watch the full END Session HERE.

Xavier Rudd
The first thing you notice about Xavier Rudd is that he's the only one in the room not wearing shoes.  This bare-footed Austrailian played a chilled out set because, as he said, "it's early, so I'll keep it mellow."  Enjoy!  Watch the full END Session HERE.

Cellos playing rock music.  Yeah, we couldn't let the guys from Finland leave our station without playing a cover of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters."  It's THE reason why Apocalyptica has gained so much notoriety over the years.  From this performance you can see why!  Watch the full END Session HERE.