Back in 2004 WEND helped launch the career of South Carolina's Crossfade after Jack Daniel heard them perform "Cold" on top of a parking garage for a live broadcast 1065 The END was doing for an alive after 5 style party.  He was the first Program Director in the country to "add" the song to rotation.  According to Jack, Crossfade's song "Cold" was the biggest song that  played on WEND.  It was in our active playlist for the better part of two years!  On June 21, Crossfade will release their new album, "We All Bleed."  We're pumped for the release after they stopped by to perform an END Session featuring "Killing Me Inside" and "Dear Cocaine."  Take a first listen and leave us your thoughts! 

Crossfade - Dear Cocaine

Crossfade - Killing Me Inside