A woman accused of stalking Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell and his family was arrested in Tampa on Friday.

Jessica Leigh Robbins, 32, may have tried to enter Cornell's Miami home, according to the Tampa Bay Times.  Cornell and his wife did pull their children out of public schools because they feared that Robbins would try to hurt them.

Many of the threats, according to the FBI, centered around Cornell's wife, Vicky Karayiannis Cornell.

Robbins allegedly claimed that Cornell plagiarized her writings and that she was the mother of one of the Cornells' children.  She posted more than 100 messages a day about the couple on Soundgarden's website and social media pages.

Robbins was released from federal custody on $50,000 bail, but has to wear an ankle monitor.  She was ordered to stay off the internet and to stay away from Soundgarden's upcoming Tampa concert.


The Cornell family.