The Foo Fighters recently agreed to play a crowdfunded concert in Richmond, Virginia.  Dave Grohl says that model could change the game.

Speaking to South African radio station 5FM, Grohl says:

"I'm telling you, it could become the way that bands decide where they want to play.  It's a fun thing; it sort of changes the game.  For the past 20 years we always decided who we're going to play with and where we're going to play.  But now, if we hear that people want us to come somewhere, maybe we'll come there."

Grohl also talked about his two upcoming projects, the new Foo Fighters album and the HBO series Sonic Highways.

The new album will be documented on the HBO show.  It will feature the band's recording process in different cities with various musicians.  Grohl mentioned the episode that will be based on the band's time recording in Washington D.C.  Grohl is from the area and discussed how the area shaped his life.