Band Name - Song

HRVRD - Flaming Creatures
Colby Dobbs Band - Bourbon Street
Deep Sky - Rise
Blu Avenue - Tonight
Grey Revell - A Rainbow In His Hometown
Loners Society - Pintripes
WeakerCaptain - Owe To Me
Flagship - Break The Sky
Joe Davis - Test The Line
Fiftywatt Freight Train - Mytery
Dr. Cirkustien - Permanent Solution to a Short Term Problem
Sun Brother - Howl At The Moon
Jack The Radio - Truck Stop Man
Paris Thieves, The - Reside
Mark Lassiter - Endlessly
Shadows Of Deceit - My Heart Is With You
Scowl Brow - Don’t Give A Damn
A Graceful Regret - Broken
Gulley - Could You Help Me Out
Vel Indica - For Soon We Will Be Airborne
The Whigs - Hit Me
Ambrosial - Basically
Simplified - Home
BelleRae - How Deserving Of Praise