Band Name - Song

Justin Cross - Let Me In
The Loudermilks - The Plan
Ancient Cities - Juice
Sun-Dried Vibes - Irie Vibes
CB - Kong
Robert Johnson Jr. - Do You No Harm
Borrowed Arts - Open Eye
Dirty South Revolutionaries - Blood Master
Randy Paul & The Revelry - This Is Real
Grown Up Avenger Stuff - The Beat
Greevace - Harbinger
Dreams Weight - Make You Stay
Brandon Kirkley & The Firecrackers - Timing Is Everything
Kit - More Than Gravity
The Whigs - Hit Me
Tattermask - No More
Shadow Of Myself - Hail to the Underdog
Stella Rising - Karma
Take the Fall - Looking Up
Something Clever - Freaks Like You
Eric Britt - Greener
Michael Miller - Black Tie
Mark Kano - Here and Now
Shannon Bradshaw - Talking in Tongues
Everthrone - The Snake and The Lamb