Band Name - Song

Chuck Johnson "The Charlyhorse" - Snake Box
Mark Kano - Here and Now
The Business People - Your Heart
Michael Tracy - Wait For Me
Michael Tracy - Interview
Fiftywatt Freight Train - Take Me Back
Neil Jackson - Lights Out
Simplified - Home
Joe Davis Band - Lookin Outside My Window
The Loudermilks - The Plan
Taylor Centers - Alibi
Young Tim - Thighs & Black Pantyhose
Frank and His AlterEgos - Re(belle)
Scowl Brow - Don’t Give A Damn
Ambrosial - Reasons To Believe
Messenger Down - We're Fighting Fate Here, You and I
Hectorina - He Looked Just Like THIS!
Dr. Cirkustien - Permanent Solution to a Short Term Problem
Sinners & Saints - The Melody
Little District - A Place In The Shade
HRVRD - French Girls
AM/FM'S - Damn Right (It's a Saturday Night)
Crimson Countess - State Of Oz
Faux Detox - Flannel Baggage
What Happened Yesterday - From The Outside