Band Name - Song

Ancient Cities - Juice
The Mineral Girls - Sebastopol
Vel Indica - For Soon We Will Be Airborne
Modern Primitives - Pack Of Lies
Waiting Hill - Movin On
Kit - More Than Gravity
Dizzy Bangers - World Emergency
Sun-Dried Vibes - Young One
Flagship - Break The Sky
Avenue Drive - Fix Yourself
Run Engine - I've Been Around
The Loudermilks - The Plan
Benji Hughes - Tight Tee Shirt
Messenger Down - The Snake in the Sheets
Young Tim - Thighs & Black Pantyhose
Stephaniesĭd - I Like It
Dirty South Revolutionaries - Fukushima
Analog Daze - Why
AM/FM'S - Damn Right (It's a Saturday Night)
Temperance League - Rock and Roll Dreams
Skyfold - Immaturity
Triton - Live Free or Die
Tattermask - Better Of Alone
Peredy - That As Soon