Band Name - Song

Dizzy Bangers - Firedance
Paris Thieves, The - Reside
Trent Glisson - Cold World
American Aquarium - Cape Fear River
American Aquarium - Katherine Belle
The New Familiars - Icarus
Amigo - Oh Easy Rider
Dr. Cirkustien - Permanent Solution to a Short Term Problem
Bubonik Funk - Ghost Child
Neil Jackson - Field Of Gray
Michael Tracy - Red Sky
Sonar Boys - Turning You Inside Out
Elonzo - King To Your Queen
Chris Sanchez - Painting Pictures
Chris Sanchez - Interview
Chris Sanchez - Guilty (Acoustic)
Chris Sanchez - Walk Away
Avenue Drive - Fix Yourself
Tattermask - Asylum
Shadows Of Deceit - My Heart Is With You
Kairos - Programmed To Obey
Never The Sorrow - Dichotomy / Sky Is Falling
Sovereign - Colossus