Band Name - Song

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - If You Don't See Me
Flagship - Break The Sky
HelooGoodbye - Everything is Debatable
Bums Lie - Uptown
Sun Dried Vibes - Wrecking Ball
Of Good Nature - Easy Way Out
25 Minutes To Go - One More 'Gin
Jon Linker Band - Memo
Chris Sanchez - Painting Pictures
HRVRD - French Girls
Trent Glisson - Cold World
WooD HeaD Bob - Whatever
Grown Up Avenger Stuff - The Beat
Animal Black - Babylon
Underhill Rose - I Wanna Love You
Grey Revell - A Rainbow In His Hometown
Caleb De Casper - Monster Love
Madison Lucas - All Of Your Time
Shadows Of Deceit - My Heart Is With You
Dustin Newcombe - I Wish I Knew Your Name
Beyond The Broken - Keep Dreaming Kid
Sinners & Saints - I Don't Want To Work
The Kodiak Brotherhood - Gonna Ride
Ravelers, The - California Holiday