Band Name - Song

HRVRD - Flaming Creatures
Sy Arden - Push On
The Mineral Girls - Wolfmouth
Dirty South Revolutionaries - Blood Master
Year Of The Ox - Bloodline
Paris Thieves, The - Fade Away
American Aquarium - Saint Mary's
Jon Linker Band - The Rider
Amigo - Best Laid Plans
The Business People - Your Heart
Revelus - Are You Alone
S. O. Stereo - Poison
Skyfold - Save Face
Eric Britt - Greener
Swampdawamp - My Drinkin Song
Matt Stache & the JackKnife Barbers - Twist You Tight
Blu Avenue - Expose The Liar
T.D. Dubois - Shades Of Grey
Swim in the Wild - Hey Man
Hot Gates, The - The Ghost
Swain - Hopeless
Tidalwave - Find Myself
A Time Devised - Hold On
Scapegoat - Welcome To Spacejam