Band Name - Song

The Mineral Girls - Wolfmouth
Swim in the Wild - Make It Take It
Dear Druid - Lupine Serenades
Jon Linker Band - Interview
Jon Linker Band - Hold On
Jon Linker Band - The Rider
Jon Linker Band - Memo
Chris Sanchez - Painting Pictures
Analog Daze - Numb
21st Century Goliath - The Ballad Of Charlie Guns
Revelus - Are You Alone
The Business People - Wood Floors
Ambrosial - Reasons To Believe
Ish - The Euclid
Shadow Of Myself - Supraliminal
Something Clever - Freaks Like You
Tattermask - Asylum
Another Lost Year - War On The Inside
Neil Jackson - Field Of Gray
The Air Station - The Fire
Brave The Pain / Jupiter Tide - Far From Home
Beyond The Broken - Keep Dreaming Kid
Caleb De Casper - Monster Love
HRVRD - We Never Shut Up About You