Band Name - Song

Hectorina - King Coati
Hot Gates, The - The Ghost
Tidalwave - Find Myself
The Business People - What Do You Think
Joe Davis Band - Lookin Outside My Window
Swain - Hopeless
The Kodiak Brotherhood - Gonna Ride
Blu Avenue - Tonight
Modern Primitives - Lila Wakan
U-Phonik - Looking Out for you
Elonzo - We Were Once Young
Songs of Water - Sycamore
Big Break - Fussy Hussy
Bubonik Funk - The Feeling Is…
Swampdawamp - My Drinkin Song
Skyfold - Save Face
Carson Hill - Crazy X
Matt Stache & the JackKnife Barbers - Your Needle
Messenger Down - We're Fighting Fate Here, You and I
Wiggle Wagons - Man In Black
Colby Dobbs Band - Overload
Temperance League - Rock and Roll Dreams
Vices & Vessels - The Ghost
Sovereign - Colossus
Dirty South Revolutionaries - Fuel Injected War Machine
October - Fear