Band Name - Song

S. O. Stereo - Poison
Grown Up Avenger Stuff - Some Of Us
Randy Paul - This Is Real
Run Engine - Best In Town
The Barley's - Finally
Deep Sky - Rise
Robert Johnson Jr. And Moses Jones - Do You No Harm
Hectorina - Orchard Breath
Wormholes - Outer Space
Temperance League - Don't Say Goodbye
The Kodiak Brotherhood - Gonna Ride
Dizzy Bangers - Firedance
Astrid Haven - Tinker Wormz
Avenue Drive - Fix Yourself
Will McBride Group - Ultimate Sacrifice
Chris Sanchez - Painting Pictures
Andy Patrick Seets - Any Other Day
Blu Avenue - Tonight
Abigail Price - Riot
Underhill Rose - I Wanna Love You
Madison Lucas - Just Be Cool
Loners Society - Pintripes
The Man From Ravcon - Skyscraper
Triton - Live Free or Die
21st Century Goliath - The Ballad Of Charlie Guns
Vices & Vessels - The Ghost