Band Name - Song

Four Night Gone - The Scars Remain
Poppy Brothers - Born Again
Michael Daughtry - Dynamite Love
Falling Through April - Enigma
Stella Rising - Situation Goin' Nowhere
The Mineral Girls - Wolfmouth
Paris Thieves, The - Dada
Half Strangers - El Dorado
Hot Gates, The - The Ghost
Bless These Sounds Under The City - Fireflies In The Rainstorm
Junior Astronomers - Settle Down
Caleb De Casper - Toxic Touch
The N.O.R.M. - Breakout
Michael Tracy - Just One Time
WeakerCaptain - Listen
Shadow Of Myself - Hail to the Underdog
Mön Abyss - Balance
Bridge to Grace - The Fold
Sam Brown - Miss Understanding
Simplified - First Time
Flagship - Break The Sky
Dreamkiller - ABSOLUTION
Pepperdome - No Profit
Angwish - Go Go Go