Band Name - Song

Matrimony - Obey Your Guns
One Big Love - The Skin
A Silent Film - Love Takes A Wrecking Ball
Ancient Cities - Juice
Of Good Nature - Easy Way Out
Simplified- Overdrive
Time Sawyer - Annabelle Please
HRVRD - Black Crème
Sun-Dried Vibes - Young One
Flagship - Break The Sky
Avenue Drive - Fix Yourself
Swampdawamp - My Drinkin Song
Temperance League - (That, You Can) Count On
Young Tim - Thighs & Black Pantyhose
The Mineral Girls - Wolfmouth
Elonzo - We Were Once Young
Blu Avenue - Tonight
Sinners & Saints - The Melody
Kit - More Than Gravity
The Loudermilks - The Plan
Vel Indica - For Soon We Will Be Airborne
Paris Thieves, The - Reside
Stella Rising - Karma
A Graceful Regret - Breathe and Regret