Band Name - Song

Jon Lindsay - Oceans More
Elonzo - King To Your Queen
Skyfold - Save Face
Zoe Vette & The Revolvers - Dick
3 Quarters Dead - You Can't Break Me
3 Quartes Dead - Walk Away
The Grave Yard Boulevard - Rock & Roll Creep Show
The Feral - Zenn-La
James King - This Church Alone
Blanco Diablo - Combination
Grown Up Avenger Stuff - Some Of Us
HRVRD - French Girls
Jonas Sees In Color - Luck & Love
A Light Divided - One Shot You Don't Want To Miss
Chasing Pedestrians - Tanked Outside
Butterfly Corpse - Miners
Blu Avenue - End Of The Road
Michael Tracy - Fashion And Fame
Dreamkiller - Watch This
Ambrosial - Reasons To Believe
The Business People - Your Heart
Acid FM - Desire
Will McBride Group - Ultimate Sacrifice
Remy St. Claire - Too Many Left Behind