Band Name - Song

Mayella - Burning Bridges
Paris Thieves, The - Fade Away
Scowl Brow - Don’t Give A Damn
Revelus - Are You Alone
Grown Up Avenger Stuff - The Beat
Ancient Cities - Interview
Ancient Cities - Juice
Ancient Cities - Station
Ancient Cities - Edie Sedgwick
Ancient Cities - Werewolf
The New Familiars - Smile
Chasing Pedestrians - Brighter Day
Robert Johnson Jr. - Do You No Harm
Temperance League - Rock and Roll Dreams
Triton - Live Free or Die
Jon Linker Band - Memo
Falling Through April - Secrets In A Small Town
Amigo - Best Laid Plans
Tattermask - Better Of Alone
A Cotswold Colony - Catch The Lines
The Kodiak Brotherhood - Gonna Ride
Solar Cat - Weather Witch
The Body Bags - Bleed For Me
From The Gun - Breaking You In