Band Name - Song

Sun Dried Vibes - Wrecking Ball
Grey Revell - Return Of Red Cat
Jon Linker Band - Memo
Hot Gates, The - The Ghost
Butterfly Corpse - Miners
Something Clever - Freaks Like You
Will McBride Group - Ultimate Sacrifice
Irata - Miser
3 Quarters Dead - You Can't Break Me
21st Century Goliath - The Ballad Of Charlie Guns
Julia Bullock - Fall For You
Ghost Town Revelry - Fortitude
Your Fuzzy Friends - Don't Touch My Mustache
Hawthornes, The - Spare Me Your Sorry
Flagship - Break The Sky
Dustin Newcombe - I Wish I Knew Your Name
HelloGoodbye - Everthing is Debatable
The Kodiak Brotherhood - Gonna Ride
Underhill Rose - I Wanna Love You
Donnie Dies - Madagaskar
Early Ray - Lemonade
The Barley's - Finally
A Life Worth Taking - The Way You Made Me
Never The Sorrow - Dichotomy / Sky Is Falling
Shadows Of Deceit - My Heart Is With You
Vices & Vessels - Dragonflies