Band Name - Song

HRVRD - We Never Shut Up About You
Seduction, The - Warriors on the Radio
Garlic City - 6807
American Aquarium - Cape Fear River
Amigo - Oh Easy Rider
Chris Sanchez - Long Way To Nashville
Sonar Boys - Turning You Inside Out
Dr. Cirkustien - Permanent Solution to a Short Term Problem
Bubonik Funk - Ghost Child
Dizzy Bangers - The Song
Trent Glisson - Cold World
Irata - Keepers Maker
Ghost Town Revelry - Mother
The Business People - Wood Floors
Eston - Baby B Goode
Matrimony - Last Love
Mark Kano - Calling Saturn
Madison Lucas - Just Be Cool
Brandon Kirkley & The Firecrackers - Timing Is Everything
Borrowed Arts - Open Eye
DeForest Brown - Miss Understanding
The Catch Fire - Rumormill
A Graceful Regret - Broken
Greevace - Giganticus
AuxiliA - Deceits Become Failures