Band Name - Song

Beyond The Fade - Lights Out
Ish - Energy
bQuartes Dead - Walk Away
Coming Dawn, The - The Storm
Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band - Chaos
A Course Of Action - 107
The Samies - Falling Out
Michael Tracy - Fashion And Fame
Fiftywatt Freight Train - Hellbent Halo
Matrimony - Obey Your Guns
Scapegoat - Welcome To Spacejam
Broken Compass Society - Forty-Seven
Simplified - Home
The Feral - The Burning Few
Zoe Vette & The Revolvers - Dick
S. I. Q. (Society In Question) - Riddle Of You
Colby Dobbs Band - Cincinnati Queen
East Coast Dirt - Thatchawanna
Acid FM - Desire
Holy Ghost Tent Revival - John Addams Family
The Joe Davis Band - Swamp Woman
Kaoss Walker - Sunset Battlefront
Bob Vislay - Lucky Stars