Band Name - Song

The Coming Dawn - Stand Up And Fight
One Big Love - The Skin
Sugar Glyder - The Campfire
Avenue Drive - Remember How
Darlings Of The Underground - Life's A Lie
Ish - The Euclid
Right To Fall - Turnabout
Sun Dried Vibes - Wrecking Ball
Vess - Feeling That You Get
The Catch Fire - Rumormill
Time Sawyer - I Won't Give In
Army Of The Flying Monkeys - Show Them You Can Dance
Rekless Youth - Dial Tone
Colby Dobbs Band - Bourbon Street
Colby Dobbs Band - Overload (acoustic)
Colby Dobbs Band - Interview
Colby Dobbs Band - Cincinnati Queen
Dave Koons & The Koyotes - Love Is A Weapon
Andy The Door Bum - The Limb
Your Fuzzy Friends - Don't Touch My Mustache
The Joy Formidable - This Ladder Is Ours
The Darkness - Everybody Have A Good Time
Fear Factory - New Messiah