Mon. 1/7:
Monday Nite Allstars @ Double Door
Secret Hospital, Bellows @ Snug Harbor

Tues. 1/8:
Bill Hanna Jazz Jam @ Double Door
Tyler Hilton, Teddy Geiger, Ryan Cabrera @ Visulite
Country Tuesday @Snug Harbor

Wed. 1/9:
Math the Band, One Another, It Looks Sad, That's Why I Said It's You,
     The Modrats @ The Milestone
Elonzo, Pullman Strike, The Restoration @ Snug Harbor
Covers For A Cause @ Double Door

Thurs. 1/10:
Barrow, Aviator, Pale Fire, Empire, Kato @ Tremont
The New Highway Hymnal @ The Milestone
The Bloodworth Project With Josh Sanders @ Double Door

Fri. 1/11:
The Rogue Nations, Samuel L. Jackson,
     Biggy Stardust And His Wretched Hive @ Tremont
Narratives, Cerce, Apart, Distrust @ The Milestone
Jim Quick and The Coastline @ Amos'
Joe Buck Yourself, Sister Fister @ Snug Harbor
Lucy Kaplansky @ Evening Muse
PWX Live Pro Wrestling @ The Chop Shop
The Old Ceremony @ Double Door

Sat. 1/12:
WooHead part of the Gorilla Music Battle of the Bands Finals @ Tremont
Rekless Youth, Demon Waffle, Signs Of Irirs, The Spice Of Life @ The Milestone
David Childers, The Misery Jackals @ Snug Harbor
Drop It! Vol. 6 @ Neighborhood Theater
Poor Old Shine @ Evening Muse
Tom Principato @ Double Door