In case you haven't been following along, Adam Gontier from Three Days Grace is upset with me.  Before I start, and in the vein of transparency, this is the audio clip Adam is referring to in one of his most recent Facebook tirades.

I had a chance to catch up with the remaining members of Three Days Grace backstage at the Carolina Rebellion.  Afterwards, our digital team put together an article which included my interview with the band.  If you missed any of that CATCH UP HERE. 

If you look in the Facebook comment section below the article (that our web dept. wrote) you'll see THIS (from a Sunday morning at 8:14am.)



For the record, the audio at the top of this article has never been posted (nor removed) from this web-site until now.  I still stand behind my comments about the crew.  The comments about him playing his "acoustic songs that nobody's going to buy" may have been a bit harsh at the time.  BUT, It's how I feel.  It's my opinion.  I am not afraid to speak my opinion on the radio or in person... as long is it's not slanderous.  My job description does not have "do not be biased towards artists" in the verbiage.  I'm not even sure exactly what that means.

Adam quit the band for "health reasons."  Although the article written by our web dept seems to say that excuse was "a lie," I have a different opinion.  IF his "health reason" was depression or some other mental illness then it's a valid reason to step away.  Depression is a very serious disease that I do NOT take lightly.  If he quit the band because of depression, I get it.  As a matter of fact, I DON'T EVEN CARE THAT HE QUIT THE BAND.  That may come as a shock, but as someone who takes something like depression so seriously... you gotta' do what you gotta' do to get healthy and I applaud anyone who actually does something about it.  That's NOT where my beef was/is. 

If you want to quit the band... fine.  Quit the band.  Get yourself well.  Move on. 

Don't go out in the public and give sound bytes immediately after you leave the band AND CREW high and dry for a major tour that was fully booked and say because "they found a replacement so quickly it's obviously not about the music... it's about the money and the touring."  Of COURSE it's about the touring... at that point.  The contracts are signed.  People's lives are in the balance.  The schedules have been made.  The music BUSINESS goes to work. 

I'm not talking about YOU Adam.  You ride around on a million dollar tour bus, waking up at 2pm for a quick sound check before you go eat and get back to the venue in time to step on stage for two hours a night.  You haven't so much as lifted a guitar cable.  Your CREW, has done all your heavy lifting.  Your coach driver has driven in the middle of the night to get you there.  Your tour manager (who you now call a "gopher") has made sure you have everything you need and makes sure you are on TIME for everything.  You don't even have to tune your own guitars during the show.  Everyone does everything for you.

When you quit a tour like that, just as I said on -air, it's not JUST the band your effing.  It's the CREW.  It's The guys who DO NOT make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for two hours a night, like you.  You're effing the people that leave their families for months on end and bust their ass to (hopefully) make a mortgage payment so you can go play rock-star.  Adam, I AM a kiss ass DJ.  I'm kissing the ass of the CREW.  Because they clearly deserve it and they obviously aren't getting it from you.  You go in the media and basically imply they should cancel the tour and lie down and quit?!  THEN, who makes their mortgage payments?  WHO pays for food for their wives & kids?  YOU?  As a father and a husband myself, that's where I get fired up.  I'm not apologizing for my passion on the issue.

What did you expect them to do? 

The band should be applauded for fulfilling their commitments and rolling with punches.  Because of that... the crew can pay their bills, the fans that put you where you are today (who spent their hard earned money on an expensive concert ticket) won't be TOTALLY let down.  The promoters who believe in you enough to book your tours... don't lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Say anything you want about me. "Kiss Ass, superfan, nasty groupie, drama queen," and what ever else you said in your several late night/early morning FB rants (that have now mysteriously vanished from your FB page.)  I am completely good with WHO I am as a person and how I treat people.  Not JUST rock-stars, but everybody.  AND because you have to have thick skin in this business, I am not easily offended.

The people who should be offended are the promoters of Carolina Rebellion (who's check you happily cashed two years ago,) the management company who had to do all your damage control when you quit the band right when you released a new record and booked a tour, the fans who purchased tickets with their hard earned money to go to the Carolina Rebellion (or as you called it the "nutfest") or any other show on the tour for that matter. I've already talked to plenty of radio programmers who were equally offended at your insults and ideas about WHAT radio is to your career.

I thought that the band did what they should've done... move on.  Because so many of those crew guys, the fans, the promoters, management company & record label don't have the platform... I don't mind speaking for them.  THAT is my job.

FOR THE RECORD, I have reached out to you with my contact info so we can schedule your silly "challenge" of an interview.  I have already interviewed you more than a handful of times and EVERY time you have the same cookie cutter answers.  IF you want to do an interview, I suggest you bring something of substance otherwise it is a huge waste of my time.  Remember, I'm syndicated on over 60+ radio stations across the country from Alaska to Tampa and don't mind speaking my opinion. 

I'm at the plate.  It's your pitch.

OR don't reply.  Suits me just fine either way.  I have way better things to do with my time than write about some rock-star who can't hold it together.