Through rain and sleet and snow (or something like that) the mail must go through!...uh except on Saturday!

In order to save 2 Billion dollars annually, the USPS will now suspend Saturday mail delivery beginning August 1, 2013.

How do you feel about that? All I get is bills and junk mail. I never get checks in the mail. I use to, but not so much anymore. My paycheck is direct deposited, my tax return, if there is one, is direct deposited. I pay all the bills I can electronically, some creditors either don't allow it or make it so hard that it's easier to write a check.

So, in an electronic age, it only seems fitting that this is the next step. This is a great opportunity to be "Green". We're told to save paper and yet my mail box is full of junk circulars and flyer's that just get thrown away. If I can get things and send things "instantly" then why wait days to receive paper letters?

Packages are different. They have to be handled by USPS or another package service, but letters have been replaced by email for the most part and even valentines cards can come via the internet these days.

I get the "History" part of this and I don't want to see the USPS go away, but the Saturday mail going away is $ well saved in my view.

So why not a look at how the USPS works and maybe you'll understand why it costs so much to send us stuff we don't want!