Movie Review: "Silver Linings Playbook"

Usually I'm not a fan of movies like this, but with the all star lineup of Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert DeNiro, Julia Stiles and Chris Tucker, plus all the oscar buzz, I decided to see it.

After a slow start the film picked up steam and ended up being GREAT, but in all honesty, it took Jennifer Lawrence's appearance on screen to turn the film around. People with bi-ploar disorder or close family members who battle mental illness might find the movie all too real, but "real" is what this movie is.

Amazingly well acted on the parts of all players, the story can be condensed as follows:

Man is married to a teacher

Man comes home and finds wife with another man

Man flips out, beats man to a pulp.

Man is sent to court ordered Psychiatric Hospital

Man gets out

Man moves back in with parents where he has the dilusion that wife wants him back. She has a restraining order.

Man meets girl who is also "bi-polar"

Chaos ensues

Could win "Best Picture" but will likely lose to "Amour" or something most of us have never seen! Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are both tremendous! DeNiro's not too shabby either.

Large combo with a diet cola and a box of GOOBERS! See YOU at the Movies!