Road Signs has been on the air each week now for the last 12 weeks. Thanks to you who have emailed or called me to give me feedback about the show. It's pretty humbling to know that the show has been useful for some of you. I know how much I enjoy making connections through music, but it's cool to see how many of you enjoy it, too. As much fun as I'm having getting to know some of you and putting together set lists of songs that have something to say (or not, which is often quite valuable to my life at least), this thing is still taking shape. 

Think about how much money we spend of music. "Where your treasure is, there your heart is also." I read that somewhere. What is it about music that makes it so important to us? Since so much of our bodies is made up of empty space, maybe that's how music resonates in us. Maybe because our bodies crave energy, we even crave the energy of focused and ordered vibrations in music. But then why do certain songs just smack us or wash over us or punch us or wake us up? Sometimes the reason we go back to songs again and again is because of what we go through.

You've trusted me with stories about what you're going through and that means the world to me. Keep telling me your stories and I'll try and find songs that speak to what you're going through. Keep telling me what songs mean the most to you and I'll do my best to show why they matter to you and maybe to anyone who didn't know them. But even if you don't want to share your own story, tell me what you would want from Road Signs so that you can be part of the show by helping it take shape.