“Road Signs “ is a show about music and meaning.  Music is like the road signs my truck-driver dad used to teach me about everything--reading, math, geography, maps, you name it.  When I let it, music can transform me into a stranger in a different world or it can transport me to familiar places where I find myself again.  Music can show me new possibilities just as easily as it can blow them up.  Music has always been how I think about my life—maybe it’s the lyrics or maybe it’s the music itself, but either way it’s how I locate myself.
Music is how I map my journey.
Because of how important music is to me, I spend lots of time talking about it (I’ll warn you right now, I talk about music—a lot).  I learned how to talk about music from listening to the radio, especially weekend and late night radio hosts.  These guys played entire albums, talked about the bands, highlighted parts of the songs that I would have missed, shaped the way I experience music.  After my mom died, music connected everything for me: grief, spirituality, joy, release, doubt, belief—music helped me find meaning.
“Road Signs” is a way for us to find meaning in music—together.  It’s an interactive road trip with the artists, a chance to talk about what matters to you, why it matters to you, how it matters to you.  Music gave me a language to tell my story.  Music can connect our stories, taking us on a journey with the artists who create it.  Let’s hit the road together.