Guitars make noise because of tension. Strings are pulled tight and when a pick or finger hits them, they vibrate. Without that tension, there is no sound, no music, no head splitting riffs, emotional melodies, or gut wrenching harmonics.  The tension makes it happen.

Every song, whether it's fluff or intense, owes its creation to tension. Our best creativity comes out of tensions that either get teased into music or distortion, then released into clarity--art. Our lives have natural tensions all over the place; it's not even a question about whether or not our lives will have tension and conflict, but whether or not we can transform the conflict/tension into something creative and useful.

Sadly, we spend huge portions of our lives trying to avoid conflict. Sometimes we compromise what we really want out of something and sometimes we bully in order to get our way--both equally seek to avoid conflict, though in opposite ways.

We do the best when we see our lives kind of like a guitar, which is a community of elements that have to work together to make music vibrate off of a tight string. Our tensions with others are not necessarily bad if we can leverage that tension to create something.  The trick is in not pulling the string so tight that it breaks...