Woody's upset his Denver Bronco's lost over the weekend and a "pants free" event yesterday in Charlotte worthy of discussing....

It Happened in Flor-I-Duh: Couple steals woman's wallet and uses debit card to do laundry.

Teacher suing school system because of her disability:  fear of young children.

Woman arrested for stalking herself.

The "Miss America" Pageant was over the weekend.   "Miss New York" won but "Miss California" had one of the best answers to a question...ever.

According to reports, crabs "down there" are going extinct thanks to the Brazilian Wax.  More than 80% of women in the U.S. and 99% of women in England remove all their hair down there.  Mel says the number is WAY too high.  We chat & take your calls.

President Obama blows up the Death Star.  Woody explains.

We received an email this morning from Jason who is having an issue with his girlfriend.  She hasn't taken her Christmas tree down and wants to leave it up all year.  According to calls from listeners, she's not the only one who wants to leave holiday stuff up year round.

It Happened in Flor-I-Duh II:  Man moons Hells Angels, hurled a puppy at them and escaped on a stolen bulldozer.

400lb woman falls through sidewalk

Woman cuts boyfriend with knife, uses cat as a shield against cops.

New name for DZL's band today:  "Boomerang Cat"