Woody almost purchased something last night: an "anti-lonliness bowl"  He explains...

It Happened in Flor-I-Duh:  Man used "spy pen" to videotape co-worker using breast pump.

Man makes fiance, that tries to leave him, swallow engagement ring

11 year old fakes his own kidnapping to get out of parent-teacher conference.

Good Grief Charlie BrownWhat in THE hell??

Craigslist Price is Right:  Homemade Tampon Lamp

Fart Bags...Extra Strength.  72 count and a pic.

Medical Weed shipped from CA. With a menu for ordering.

A guy on a plane, flying first class, was asked to remove his shirt because the flight attendent said other passengers were "intimidated" by it.  Apparently these folks never saw the movie "The Princess Bride"  We give you the details.

The media is freaking out over the possibility that singer Beyonce MAY have lip-synched at the President's inauguration.  The White House had to address the issue.  Seriously.

We mentioned earlier in the week a pic that went viral:  a dude actually measuring a Subway Footlong, proving the sandwich was ONLY 11 inches.  Not the full 12 inches.  NOW two guys from NJ are suing Subway because they were "shorted" an inch.  Mel feels their pain.....we discuss.

Comedian Jeff Dye stopped by the studio today.  Very talented, quick and funny!  Check him out at The Comedy Zone today thru Saturday and give him a listen here.