Threat of some nasty weather in and around Charlotte today.  Some schools closed 10am.  We have quesitons & Mel has some advice for the kids....

It Happened in Flor-I-Duh:  Three-way didn't happen and a woman in a trailer park gets real upset.

Woman chokes husband for stealing the covers.

Cop's wife gets arrested for prostitution.

Congrats to Michael, Sean, Eric & Steven for winning 2 growlers of the W&W IPA for FREE BEER Friday.  Thanks to NoDa Brewing!

Since NASCAR Sprint Cup Champ Brad Keselowski is taking over The End this afternoon starting at 5pm, we did a very special edition of Fun with NASCAR Audio today.  Enjoy.

New game today as Wilcox tries to be as dumb as Woody.....we played "Canadian Food or Checkers Dude"

Manti Te'o sat down with Katie Couric for an interview and this whole story is even MORE confusing now than it was last week.  Check it out.

We shared a story this morning about a woman suing because a man she met online tried to kill her.  Mel recently signed up for an internet dating site.  We took your horror stories about internet dating sites and Mel is now officially freaked.

Christopher Walken made an appearance on "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart last night and we learned a lot about him. 

New name today for DZL's band:  "Chicken Wing Capsule"