A 64 year old woman in Detroit retired from her job with the postal service after working there for 44 years.  And in that ENTIRE time, she NEVER took a sick day.  She retired with 4,508 hours of unused sick leave.  Ummmm...........hello? Mel? 

It Happened in Flor-I-Duh:   Man says he wanted to 'relieve himself' as he watched woman walk into work.

Woman test drives a new car so she can rob a bank.

Cops question suspect for 10 hours.  He's a 7 year old boy.

Kimmel does a cool bit called "Lie Witness News"   Woody gives the details.

Craigslist Price is Right: KMando Sport Puch Mens Underwear.  With pic.

Snow Man Arm AKA a stick.  Elbow included. 

Marilyn Monroe Famous Nude Pose Serving Tray 

Wilson from Fox News Rising was at the circus today and Woody was freaking out in the studio because clowns were on television. 

A man is looking at serious jail time for "Sextortion"   We explain.

There are problems with every job.  We take a look at some issues television reporters are having with folks rolling down to New Orleans for the Super Bowl.  

Speaking of problems with jobs..........Woody left the mics on today when he went to grab some food.  Wilcox & Mel had NO clue.  Hear their discussion off the air here and we took your calls on job screw-ups.

AND the competition continues...........who can come up with THE worst game for free tickets to see Flogging Molly.  Wilcox tries today with: "Flogging Molly or Strip Club in Raleigh"

It Happened in Flor-I-Duh II:  Woman accused of kicking people's genitals

If you're growing weed in your house & someone steals a few hookah pipes from you, you may not wanna call the cops.

Man who finds sperm whale secretion may make $68,000 for it.

If know lots about marijuana, the state of Washington wants to hire you.   We explain.