Welcome to 'Merica where if the TV news interviews you, you can go on to star in a commercial.  Case in point, Sweet Brown...."Ain't Nobody Got Time for That"

It Happened in Flor-I-Duh:  Chick bedazzles her ankle monitor braclet.

Woman gives birth and doctors forget to remove the placenta.  Stays in woman's body eight weeks.

Female inmate caught smuggling Xanax in her private parts.  They were in a large Tylenol bottle.

Football is over so today we hooked you up with an edition of Fun with Basketball Audio.

CareerBuilder.com just released a survey on the craziest excuses for being late for work in the past year.  We took YOUR calls on the craziest excuse you've heard or given to your boss. 

The Checkers are having their "Pink in the Rink" night tomorrow and we give you a shot at free tickets with "AHL or What the Hell"

It Happened in Flor-I-Duh II:  Councilman in trouble for exposing himself and shooting a gun at his neighbors.

White guy uses a black guy's Whizzinator during drug test.

State passes new law to stop "dooring"....opening a car door in the path of a bicyclist.

"Taco Swap" and "Puffy Genital Skin" the new names for DZL's band today.