Crazy busy weekend:  Carolina Rebellion and Zach Galifianakis hosted "SNL"  We all find out what Am-Ish means.............

It Happened in Flor-I-Duh: Woman accused of shoplifting after she  drinks an entire box of wine in a store bathroom.

Man masturbates twice in front of a construction crew working in a parking lot.

Man gets arrested for stealing beer.  Goes to jail.  Cops find a mouse in his pocket.  Man's Dad rolls down to jail to bail the mouse out.

Carolina Rebellion was this weekend.  Rain on Sunday but Saturday night, Limp Bizkit rocked it........hard.  Yes.  REALLY!

Free tickets to the All-Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway this morning with a game called "Lone Star or All Star"  Mel plays and she sucks.

Some more audio has been released of the arrest of actress Reese WitherspoonDoesn't make her seem like a very nice girl..........

We got an email from a woman named Cindy who was cleaning out her Mom's closet and found five of her Mom's "toys" in an old purse.  We took your calls on "embarrassing things about Mom" and got some unbelievable stories............

It Happened in Flor-I-Duh II: Man stopped by cops & they notice he's walking weird.  They find needles and pills in his back door.

14 year old hires a hooker who shows up, pepper sprays him, steals his iPhone & his piggy bank and then leaves.

Man pulls 2 guns, makes threats toward workers fixing his washing machine.

Couple of new band names for DZL: "Pocket Vajayjay" & "Purse Full of Dildos"