Mel was attacked by fire ants yesterday....they tore up her foot.  Shocker.

It Happened in Flor-I-Duh:  Man uses dying tenant's ATM card, steals $600 and THEN calls 911.

Man suffered a stroke an now has orgasms to the James Bond theme

Man tries to smuggle pet turtle on a flight by hiding it in a KFC burger

A few months back we talked about a man in Vegas that had a 132lb scrotum.  Well NOW TLC is giving him his own show.  Woody has all the info...........

Craigslist Price is Right:  37 Adult DVS's in a plastic bag

New Tattoo Needles

I Love Sex Toys Tee

A big, fat, juicy Rooster

Mel got attacked by some fire ants and apparently they're more hardcore than we realized.  We took YOUR stories on ants & other insects.  "When Insects Attack"

Entrance to Beer Club, which is going on tonight at Solstice Tavern beginning at 7pm with a game from Woody: "Solstice Food or WWE Finishing Move"

It Happened in Flor-I-Duh II: Homeless woman defecated in front of customers at gas station food stand & then says she'll show them her "s**t"

Guy slashes cops tires while cop is sitting in the car

Convicted felon accused of spying on women at waxing salons he owns

We revisit the TLC show on the man with the 132lb scrotum and think the SyFy Channel should get in on this premise.  Oh...if you didn't see a pic of the man AND his 132lb scrotum, here ya go.

Some great new names for DZL's band today:  "Turtle Burger" , "ScrotNado", "Tornado of Scrotum", "Pus Pockets" & "Vagina Wig"